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Dolerite rock is also known as bluestone, whose components are equivalent to hypabyssal rock of gabbro, presenting in crystalline, fine -medium grained, dark gray-gray and black, often with ophitic texture or sub-ophitic texture. Dolerite is mainly composed by pyroxene and basic feldspar (hypabyssal rock, whose components equivalent to gabbro), containning a small amount of olivine, biotite, quartz, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and so on. Basic plagioclase often altered to albite, zoisite, epidote and  kaolinite by erosion; Pyroxene to chlorite, amphibole and carbonate minerals. Because of the color of chlorite, dolerite often prensents in overall green. Dolerite’s components are equivalent to gabbro. Unlike the gabbro formed in deep, it is in shallow, so with smaller particle. And it is unlike basalt which spray to the surface with glassy.  According to its different secondary minerals, dolerite can be divided into olive dolerite, quartz dolerite, containing zeolite, orthoclase, etc., called alkaline dolerite and so on.

Technological Process

Dolerite material is a rare resource in the artificial sand making industry. With the lack of natural sand, a large number of artificial sand began to flood into the market. As an material of artificial sand making machine, dolerite has been widely adopted in gravel yard. Dolerite sand making product line is equipped with the following: feeders - jaw crusher - impact crusher - shaker - cone crusher - new Sand making machine, or feeder - jaw crusher - crusher - vibrating screen - hydraulic cone crusher - new sand making machine - wheeled sand washing machine, is divided into two kinds of dry sand making system and wet sand sand making systerm.

Application Fields

Dolerite is the finest building material. It is mainly used for road, building and equipment component such as connectors, sets pipe grates and the like.

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