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Coal, a solid combustible mineral, is gradually formed by ancient buried plant after complex biochemical and physical-chemical changes. It is a solid combustible organic rock, mainly formed under the process of the biochemical effect of plant remains and then through the geological process after buried, commonly known as coal. Depending on the raw material and conditions that formed coal, nature coal can be divided into three categories, namely humic coal, residual coal and sapropelic coal.Coal is the most extensively distributed fossil energy in the word, which can be mainly divided into four categories: bitumite, anthracite, subbituminous coal, lignite and so on. 60% of the world’s recoverable coal reserves are concentrated in the United States(25%), the former Soviet Union (23%) and China (12%), in addition, Australia, India, Germany and South Africa, four countries accounted for 29%. Coal production in the above-mentioned seven countries and regions account for 80% of the world’s production. The proven coal reserves are more than 63 times of that of the world’s coal reserves. The world's coal reserves-rich countries are also the main product countries of coal. 

Technological Process

After crushed, the coal can be used as an additive or fuel. The Vipeak coal crusher is a new European version coal crusher machine, which is developed on the base of absorbing the latest international crushing technology and combining with the market demand.The coal broken machine is suitable for crushing different hardness ore. And crushing fineness can be adjusted to rough crushing,secondary crushing and finely crushing different levels, which perfectly realizated the different grain type and size demand for coal crushing. Coal crusher equipment commonly used in coal crushing include: jaw crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen. We can also add sand making machine and other equipment according to special demands to achieve a finer processing to coal. Vipeak Heavy Industry produced Coal crusher is a highly wear-resistant coal crusher, with the feature of simply structured, high crushing ratio, high production efficiency,which can be used for dry and wet broken. The grate gap of this crusher can be adjusted according to user’s different particle size requirements. In addition, this coal crusher is of high efficiency. And also its self-developed hammer is very wearable, convenient for custom made, which greatly reduces the trouble of frequent replacement of wearing parts.

Application Fields

The extensive use of coal can be summarized into three main purposes in accordance with its intended purpose: (1) thermal coal (2) coking coal (3) coals for coal chemical industry, including coal gasification, low temperature carbonization of coal, coal liquefaction and so on. Thermal coal contains coal for power generation, steam locomotive coal, building materials, general industrial steam coal, coal life, metallurgical thermal coal, etc. The main purpose of coking coal is refining coke. Coke is pyrolytic melted from coking coal or mixed coal, generally about 1.3 tons of coking coal can only be refined to a ton coke. Coke used for steel making, is the main raw material of steel and other industries, and has been hailed as the "basic food" of steel industry.

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