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Granite, one of the mainly composed rock of crustal, is one kind of igneous rock which is the production of magma under the condition of condensation below the earth surface, whose main composition is feldspar and quartz. Granite origins from Latin- granum which means grain or particle. And granite get the name because it is plutonic rock which can usually form well-developed and perceptible to naked eyes mineral grain. Granite is a plutonian acid igneous rock which is the production of magma under the condition of condensating below the deep of earth surface, and part of the granite are the production of magma and sedimentary rock under metamorphism like gneiss class, migmatization rock. Granite is mainly composed of feldspar, quartz, black mica, and so on. Quartz content is 10% to 50%, and  feldspar about 2/3 which content orthoclase, plagioclase (soda lime) and microcline (potash). Different varieties content different mineral component, and maybe they are pyroxene and hornblende.

Technological Process

In present, the processing equipment and crushing production line equipment and technology of granite is quite mature in China. Vipeak Heavy Industry Sand and Gravel Project Department has provided production line configuration for granite producer from many areas in China. On crushing productive technology of granite, we usually adopt two steps crushing. In the first step, jaw crusher is adopted; second, impact crusher. Also, to meet different building requirement,the machine can separate different specifications cobblestones by circular vibrating screen from 1-2, 2-4.4-8.Vipeak Heavy Industry Granite Crusher is featured by high reduction ratio, high productivity, epigranular, simple structure, convenient maintenance, low production cost, and so on. Vipeak Granite Stone Crusher has full range of models, diversity of products, and can also custom satisfied granite crushing production line according customer's need. To meet customer's different processing requirement, we can equip cone crusher ,dust removal equipment and so on. The designed capacity is 50-500t/h. Large stones can be feed into jaw crusher gradually by vibrating feeder through silos for coarse crushing, and the coarsely crushed stones will be conveyed to impact crusher for further crushing. Cobblestones that conform with the requirement will be conveyed to finished product pile by finished product belt conveyor, that unformed will be conveyed to impact crusher for another crushing, and that form the closed-circuit repeatedly circulation. The finished product particle size can be Combination and classification according to user's demands. To protect environment,the product line can be equipped with auxiliary of the dust removal equipment.

Application Fields

Granite gravel is superior widely used building stone for its hardness and character of hardly to be eroded by acid or weathering. Granite resources are rich and widely distributed. Because of its high compressible strength, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, good adhesion characteristics of asphalt, granite is widely recognized in the word as the best material of building road, railway, airport runway. Because of multi-hole, hardness, the granite mixed with concrete can reduce the weight of the latter with unchanging solid, and thermal and acoustic in the meanwhile, which makes it high-quality aggregates lightweight aggregate for high-rise building. According to different stones specification, they can be used for making mortar and concrete, and 1-2, 2-4, 4-8 are very common stone specifications.

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